DCWASA Internal Improvement and Strategic Advisory Program

We confidently accepted the challenge of developing the strategic business plan for one of the largest water and wastewater utilities in the country, located right in the heart of the nation’s capital.

The challenge

Continuous improvement of DCWASA’s water and wastewater long-term business service level and grading of their cost structure.

The solution
We conducted two complementary assignments for DCWASA, beginning with facilitation of employee workshops on development of departmental work plans using performance management techniques for updating of the DCWASA Internal Improvement Program (IIP). We initiated the project through a planning session in which senior managers laid out the overall goalof the project and approach for the large group workshops.

We then advised DCWASA in the development of its strategic business plan, which included interfacing with all board members, executive management staff, and other stakeholders; conducting facilitated workshops with all board members with executive staff attending; implementing revised governance structures as well as drafting and finalizing DC WASA’s strategic plan. We also supported the various operational departments in the development of annual work plans and performance management metrics that are in alignment with their strategic plan.

The results
The output of the workshops included an improved understanding and use of performance management tools that motivated the organization to develop amore complete performance management system and a regular series updates.