Self-driving Mercedes-Benz bus navigates Dutch bus rapid transit line


The Mercedes-Benz Future Bus with CityPilot has driven autonomously for the first time on a route of approximately 20 kilometers (12.4 miles) on a Dutch bus rapid transit line (BRT), in July, 2016.  The line is a section of one of the longest BRT lines in Europe, a part of the R-net transportation system, running from Amsterdam to Haarlem, in the Netherlands.

The Future bus can drive at speeds up to 70 km/h (43.5 miles/hour), stop within a centimeter at bus stops and traffic lights, drive off again automatically, pass through tunnels, brake for obstacles or pedestrians and communicate with traffic signals.                                                

The R-net buses run on primarily dedicated bus lanes from Haarlem to Schiphol Airport, a line previously known as “Zuidtangent.” IMG Rebel’s sister company in the Netherlands, Rebel, conducted a feasibility study on a segment of Zuidtangent and has worked on other R-net projects.More information can be found at: