Water and Public Works

Plenty of challenges in the water and utilities sector
Water and public works utilities in the U.S. face constant pressure to reduce costs while maintaining high levels of service. They are often handicapped by inadequate information monitoring and reporting, limiting their ability to make intelligent investment decisions, both in the near and long term. Utilities also deal with the challenges posed by ever-stricter regulations, inadequate employee retention and succession planning, deteriorating assets, and public pressure to restrain rate increases.

IMG Rebel takes a holistic approach to assisting our clients, one in which governance, strategic planning, performance management, and asset management coalesce to provide the foundation for aggressive improvement planning. We adopt time-tested business principles drawn from our experience in both the public and private sectors to provide our clients with a variety of solutions to the complex issues they face. Each project approach is heavily influenced by leveraging proven tools, techniques, and methodologies deployed by a cadre of industry experts - each with a distinct depth of career understanding and content knowledge.

Our integrated approach utilizes targeted management consulting and financial advisory services to deliver anticipated results and create value. By implementing a well crafted, custom-designed approach for each of our clients, we help them achieve utility-wide cost savings, improved productivity, augmented revenue generation, and better optimization of capital and operational expenditures, all while enhancing quality of service.

IMG Rebel brings unconventional approaches to solve its clients problems
IMG Rebel brings real-world expertise to our clients and provide proven, implementable strategies. We enforce these strategies by working in concert with our client’s staff to ensure project objectives are met and measurable value is created and sustained. IMG Rebel is a hands-on firm that creates financially and politically feasible action plans and innovative, implementable solutions.

The IMG Rebel team also recognizes the benefits of implementing green technology solutions for today’s water and wastewater infrastructure projects, and strives to provide sustainable solutions that improve the environment while simultaneously increasing efficiency and cost savings for our clients.

Project selection

Consulting for Massachusetts Water Resources Authority

Client: Massachusetts Water Resources Authority


DCWASA Internal Improvement and Strategic Advisory Program

Client: District of Columbia Water and Sewer Authority


Sewerage Operations Privatization in Milwaukee

Client: Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District